About Us


Company History

Kell T-Shirts & Promotions was formed in 2014 by leading marketer Wayne Gillies who has a vision of becoming the Market Leading supplier of custom apparel & printed clothing products exclusively to the small business market. The continual evolution and growth of the Wayne's other businesses over the preceding 16 years have been built around the supply of high quality, proprietary business-to-business products, knowledge and expertise through some of the longest standing independent, multiple outlet and globally recognised brands right through to the leading online food ordering portal in the world. 

Having listened to our customers, the company has recently widened its scope and range of products to existing markets by venturing into printed food safe packaging products, carrying on the ethos of the company by ‘always servicing the client’s needs’. 

Despite being a relatively young but established company, our printing heritage and bloodline dates back to 1956. In this year, our Chairman learnt the art of newspaper printing with ‘The East African Standard Press’. These skills and knowledge have been the backbone of the organisation and even today the guiding principles of honest, intelligent, hard work to deliver the highest quality products with exceptional service at competitive rates remains the ethos of the business. 

Since then, the purchase of Dan Display & Imaging Limited, in 2005 along with a number of other companies in our arena, have built on our strategy to expand the business through acquisition, organic growth, product development and evolution by working with our customers. One of the key components of integrating Dan Display was to offer Europe’s only comprehensive food image library photographed specifically for the QSR sector particularly the takeaway POS & delivery market.

The Company

A picture speaks a thousand words. It catches the eye and instantly conveys what is being sold. 

Harlequin’s print services are the perfect solution for all your printing and design needs. The print services we provide will help your business to convey a professional image to potential customers; from design to installation, our manufacturing process never fails to produce high-quality products. 

Our sales office will be pleased to offer help and advice on how to tackle any image display requirements. Simply phone, email or fax your specifications and a quote will be issued, if not the same day then certainly within 24 hours. 

Our design department can be employed for its creative capacity or to manipulate existing art-work. Photography to freehand illustration facilities also available.